Mid-States Specialty Eggs


What do you get when you combine millions of cage-free chickens and hundreds of hard-working American families deeply committed to an unbending Christian ethic rooted in full integrity? Well, you get a wholelot of quality eggs! In fact, you get Mid-States Specialty Eggs, LLC.

Based in Smithton, Mo, with certified organic farms in Missouri and Arkansas and grading operations also in both states, Mid-States Specialty Eggs was founded in 2008 in order "to produce a healthy product for the consumer in a way that supports our family farms," according to Marion Hostetler, one of the organization's founders. Hostetler and family friend, Dale Shrock, both former turkey farmers, viewed major changes in the poultry industry negatively and were not satisfied primarily with how their birds were treated.

"We've always been health concious, but our poultry integrators began requiring us to give excessive amounts of  antibiotics continuously to the birds we were raising for them. They looked at it as a way to protect their investment, I guess, but we knew there were better ways. When it finally got to the point where we didn't want to eat those very same turkeys we were raising, we knew we had to look for something else," Hostetler explained. 

So they began to explore what they've known their whole lives, the poultry industry, for new opportunities and started Mid-States Specialty Eggs with a corporate mission statement that clearly supports a greater standard, that is:
 To provide customers with the highest quality of fresh specialty egg products and the highest      standard of excellence with honest customer service, while providing our community with a sustainable work environment and our family farms a financially stable business opportunity.

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